Five revision tips over the holidays

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

You know when you’re out with your friends and you’re having a really good time or just sitting at home binging on Netflix...but then for a split second you remember that you have homework due in the next day. The ultimate mood killer! Now that the Christmas holidays are approaching, your teachers have bombarded you with homework to keep you ‘busy’ during the holidays and to prepare you for the next term.. ugh.

Luckily for you, I have five top tips to make sure you stay on top of your homework and also make the most of your holidays!

“I’ll do it tomorrow”

Do not leave it until the very last minute to get your work done. As cliché as that sounds, in order to get peace of mind, there must be a balance. If you have a workload, dedicate an hour a day to it and work through it.

“Two plus two is four minus one that’s three. Quick maths”

Make it as exciting as possible so that it becomes enjoyable rather than a mundane task. I know maths is the least exciting subject and watching paint dry would be more amusing but look at how catchy Big Shaq made it. “Two plus two is four minus one that’s three. Quick maths”. Use your creativity!

“I don’t know where to begin”

Consider making a revision timetable so that your plans for the holidays don’t clash with your study time. It would also be a good way to mentally brace yourself to get into study mode.

Work in groups

Meet up with friends and get work done. In most cases this ends up as a gossip session but if you know you can work with them then arrange a day. Alternatively, Head of The Class is open throughout the holidays and your parents will force you into those classes and ruin your holidays!

Don’t be that person that copies classmates homework two minutes before class starts. Just follow my tips and all is well.

Stay nourished

Have snacks whilst working, I know this goes without saying but a nourished mind works better. Healthy snacks such as nuts, yogurt and fruit will keep you focused rather than give you a short caffeine boost or a sugar rush.

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