Whether your child is in early years or preparing for a change of school, it's the right kind of support that can do wonders in boosting exam results, initiative, learning and confidence. 



and hourly private tuition. 0ne to one private tuition is limited, therefore it is advised that you contact us as soon as possible. We also run a after school workshop every Monday and Thursday at Tesco Bull's Bridge. Our fully structured learning programme is kept up to date with the national curriculum and this allows our pupils to learn something new and consolidate the content learnt at school every session! 

We understand the difference that focused academic support can make. Therefore, homework set would differ from one student to another even though they are in the same group. This is because on certain topics one student might find it more challenging than the other.

We offer both group sessions at the centre 

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How we group our pupils?

Our service is designed to improve our students' ability and enhance their knowledge, which ultimately puts them ahead of their age group. Every student is assessed and observed in their initial  lesson to tailor bespoke sessions.

Our 'construction'  method works to ensure the basics of topics are covered before mounting onto higher levels of studies. 

The 1:7 ratio allows our pupils to;

Discover  their learning type, 

Explore study techniques and

Reach their full potential!

We understand that some children's results may indicate that they are not performing within their age group, therefore, we try our best to group the child within a group that they will feel confident and supported. The tutor to student ratio is 1:7, with a tutor assistant on hand for extra support. Small groups mean that tutors adapt to students' learning preferences. 

Our Materials

The books that we use with our pupils in KS1&2 have been selected to match the Scholastic pre-planned lessons that are in line with the national curriculum. This allows our tutors to master the curriculum with these inspiring and enjoyable lessons. These books have all been previously used by tutors and schools and are highly recommended, interactive and provide an enjoyable way of learning. 

For KS3 the materials are provided by Letts and Collins. 

GCSE, A Level and materials vary depending on the pupils exam board. 

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