The Exam Season Rush (Part 3)

What made me realise just how cool life without social media can be? Just testing it out, and going without it for about a week to prove to the people closest to me that I really wasn’t addicted.

Turns out maybe I was addicted - but over that week I managed to detox in a way which inspired me to leave it off for significant periods at a time. You feel so much fresher without being constantly concerned about how your ‘friend’ in France perceives you and without needing to know what your friend’s cousin’s aunt’s nephew is up to at every moment of the day. It’s that feeling of relief I’ve felt without the apps that have encouraged me to keep going throughout exam season without them.

If you see not using social media as more of a restriction or a ban - it won’t work and you’ll find other means of distractions. Therefore, if a detox from social media isn’t for you right now then just be aware of the amount of time you spend on it. At the end of each day, just make a note on how you spent your day and keep yourself accountable. Ultimately, the aim of restricting social media isn’t to deprive you, rather to help your wellbeing, time management and to understand the bigger picture doesn’t concern itself with what every single person in your contacts list is up to at every moment of the day.

We’ve touched on some heavy areas and some lighter ones, I’d just like to conclude by reiterating that firstly, your health is your biggest priority. Secondly, when obstacles come your way, take time out and learn something from every one. Make sure you’re sleeping when you can - they always say to keep it regular, personally I’ve never been able to do that. Apparently some are early birds and others are night owls? I’m neither. I work when I want and sleep as I will (which I know is not the best way - so if you can get into a routine - do!) but the key point here is to make sure you get your 8 hours of sleep a night. If you’re young and under 14/15 years old, get your 10 hours. Even if that means you’re coming back from school and napping for a couple of hours. It’ll do your state of mind the world of good.

Eat well; don’t get into the vicious cycle of unhealthy eating and consuming processed foods - I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. Everything in moderation. I’d say, for every piece of junk you have, have a piece of fruit or health. The more health, the better. Exercise when you can, even if it’s going up and down the stairs a few extra times in the day just to get in a bit more health. Not only does it keep your body healthy but trust me when I say it’ll keep your mind clear. I had a friend who before every one of her GCSE papers would go for a run; 30 - 60 minutes. Nothing strenuous, just time to clear her mind (instead of a half an hour instagram scroll every morning maybe?).

And finally, take regular breaks. If you’re feeling disheartened or lacking passion, do something else. This evening, I should have theoretically done some Chemistry practice questions but… I had done a few hours of Maths and my energy was starting to seep away, so I came and wrote up this article instead. I’ve put in as much knowledge and passion as I can have and now I’ve somehow inspired myself to go back down and graft a little more before I call it a day. You’ll never have two days with the same levels of productivity. Some will be more productive than others, that’s just how life flows - remember there’s a plan for us greater than the plan we set for ourselves.

Appreciate every day as much as possible, allow yourself good days and bad days, take the support you have, be brave and you’ll smash whichever exams you plan on sitting.

Good Luck!

Sumayyah Amin

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