KS1 and KS2 

Our KS1 & KS2 sessions differ from other tutoring services as they are not subject/topic focused but rather student centred. The sessions not only do they follow the national curriculum,  rather they also focus primarily on the weaknesses our every individual. Filling in their gaps of knowledge and improving their academic abilities. Our pupils learn how to be confident through various activities such as presentations and role play. In addition they're able to grasp topics in more depth and learn new materials. 

Girl in Classroom

What do we cover?

We cover all aspects of the curriculum for both maths and English, below are just some of the main topics!

English:                                            Maths:

✓ Phonics                                        ✓ Place Value

✓ Grammar & Punctuation              ✓ Telling Time

✓ Inference                                     ✓ Addition & Subtractions 

✓ Synonyms                                     ✓ Multiplications

✓ Spelling Strategies                       ✓ Mental Maths

Our Approach

We recognise that some students take in information differently. We take a diverse approach when crafting session plans; understanding each student as an individual. Explaining topics through various mechanisms.


Our tutors act as guides on the side; empowering students to ask questions, search for the answer, share their research with the class & evaluate the results. This enables a space for experiment, to build their teamwork and problem solving skills. 

Through cooperative learning our sessions become more interesting, engaging, and importantly creates a space for critical thinking. Students are grouped into sets of 4/5 & are given learning goals and objects. 


Student-centred projects work for all types of learners and promote longlife learning. Project allow students to understand what they're learning and why they're studying this. These 'active learning' projects are set termly - usually over school holiday breaks.

Through visuals we're able to capture our pupils' curious & intuitive young minds. It crucial that we stay up to date with technology even in the classroom. Delivering information through educational graphics/videos.


Good grades are not the only thing we reward. We love rewarding our young learners for their hard work, effort and enthusiasm.  We believe this positive environment pushes them to strive for positive habits that will help them outside the classroom.



Cooperative Learning