GCSE | ALevels

We first like to know our students better and understand what their future goals.

This helps us motivate at times they are overwhelmed with exam/assignment stress. Our aim is that our students exceed their target grade or above. Our session work towards filling in gaps of knowledge and reviewing their work, ensuring it meets the outlined  requirements set by the exam board.  Most subjects are covered at various levels; GCSE, ALevel, Functional Skills & BTEC. Please do contact us to enquire about any specific subjects or course. Currently, ALevel is only provided as 1-2-1 sessions, however we occasionally have intensive group workshops.

Ahnuf, A

Exceeding Targets

Nur, A

Overcoming fears and taking control of his learning.

What we provide at the grouped sessions (GCSE ONLY):

Weekly sessions at our Townfield Centre; covering English, Maths and Science

Help for GCSE students doing foundation or higher for all syllabuses, AQA/Edexcel

Additional hours added to sessions from February, FREE of charge for those who

Coaching and exam preparation as well as subject revision

 Sense of achievement & empowerment as they fill in gaps if missing knowledge

Tailored revision techniques and learning structure

More than just a group sessions > enhance social skills & confidence

✔ Local tutor > less time traveling, more time studying

Personal Statement and CV support

Future career exploration and research support


When students don’t achieve the passing grade in their GCSEs/Alevels they may sometimes feel 'put-off' from studying that particular subject and give up. This is because many of them may have worked very hard at revising yet didn't achieve the grade they wanted to either pass the subject (i.e. a grade 4/C) or the grade that would've been accepted at their next step in further education. Our sessions are designed to brings back their confidence by breaking down what went wrong the previous time. Many students may realise that the revision techniques were not suitable, others would realise that they were not answering the exam in the way required to by the exam boards' examiners.  

Melissa, G

Smashing barriers

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