What's the ratio of students to tutors in each class?
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Will I receive a report on my child's session?
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The ratio of students to teachers in all our groups is 7:1. 

Why? It provides greater space to tutor each student individually.

You will receive a short summary of what your child has covered and what they will cover, and details regarding their homework via email. As assessments are carried out every 5 weeks you will receive the report for this the week following .

Are the tutors qualified?
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Our tutors at  Head of the Class all have the necessary skills, attitude and the experience to allow your children to excel academically. Our tutors are all educated to at least university level or above whilst some tutors are training to become a teacher. Ofcourse, as a legal requirement, all staff possess an Enhanced DBS and have completed a Safe Guarding course.

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What happens if a session is missed?

Parents are emailed the usual session summary information and homework details. It is the parents duty to call the centre management and request that the session is rescheduled. Please ensure you call before the session starts. We also provide a 15 minute sessions over the phone in which your child's tutor goes over the content of the lesson, you are given a maximum of 3 calls throughout the academic year. Skype sessions can also be scheduled instead but these come with a seperate fee.

How will a students learning be tracked?
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We do a written termly assessment  (every 6 weeks) on the content that the students have covered during that time, this allows us to keep track of their progress. Parents will also be notified about their child's grades in their termly reports (as mentioned above).

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How much do sessions cost and how do I pay?

Please refer to our price and plans page. We accept both card and cash forms at all the centres, alternatively you could set up a standing order. 

Do you take childcare vouchers?
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Will I have to work with my child at home too?

No we do not currently take these voucher, but we are under the process of becoming an Ofsted registered provider and should be accepting them from 0ctober 2019.

This is optional. We ask parents not to help their kids with the work they are given at home, as we would like them to try it for themselves. Homework will be based on what they cover during the lesson.

Am I tied to a contract?
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No. You are not tied to a  contract you are free to leave whenever you would like with respect to the agreement made upon registering, whereby you make a prepayment for one session per child. This credit can then be redeemed as a session when giving us a 2 week notice prior to your leave. 

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Where are the sessions taught?

Our group lessons and 1-1 lessons run at our tuition centre at townfield community centre. 1-1 lessons also run at Our main HQ at Hayes Hyde Park and Bulls bridge Tesco or alternatively a tutor can come to your home.

How will my child's progress be recognised?
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We give many awards to our pupils who are showing constant progress and hard work within lessons. These include star of the week, certificates and end of years ceremonies - which include phenomenal prizes such as money vouchers and  other goods.

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How do Head of the Class' sessions differ from lessons at school and other tuition centres?

We don't just give a set work, we follow a complete lesson plan to ensure our students understand the work completely. Our small groups allow more in depth discussion between the student and their tutor. Tutors are able to focus on each student more. Rather than setting a generic set of homework for the class, we provide homework that is tailored to the students ability.

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