Having the ability to speak more than one language, is for some,  nothing new or special. But at Head of the Class we believe that it is one of the best gifts one can be given in life. It makes you special, so why not learn how to read and write in that language? However, not everyone is fortunate to have been born into a family that is bilingual. Regardless of which one you are, speaking another language empowers one in both their work and social life.  

We provide 1-2-1 private sessions, small group sessions and even sessions via Skype

for distant learners. Students can also chose blended sessions whereby they can mix 

What we provide? 

 Prices start from £35! 

and match between the above types of sessions.  We cover a range of languages, including Arabic, French, Urdu, Albanian, German & more. Our sessions are not age restricted. We also offer qualification driven sessions for those who are working towards a GCSE, ALevel, undergrad or postgrad level qualification.

What you waiting for? Let us find you a tutor!

Give us ring on 0208 982 3559 or drop an email to Let us know what language you're interested in, where you're based, your availability, your aim and level. 

Upcoming exam? Translation? Career related? Going on Holiday?

Did you know?

Approximately 43% of the world's population are bilingual, and under 13% are proficient in 3 or more languages. 

Why you want to learn that specific language is super important, make sure to include that too! Don't be shy either! 

During your free consultation, ask us as many questions as you think of. We;re here to help you get started on your cultural journey!