What to Do if you're feeling Overwhelmed

Firstly give yourself a measure of mercy and compassion because it’s natural to feel some anxiety during a time like this. 

There is no species which can experience anxiety as well as humans can. This is because no other species has an imagination as vast as we do. This pandemic is what people have imagined to happen for decades, and now it’s come to life. That can be terrifying. Paradoxically, we are the best species at adapting on a global level, and on a personal level. If we look back in time at all that humanity has faced, they’ve adapted and coped quite well. Similarly if you think of yourself in emergency situations which you might have experienced, you probably reacted quite well. Intuition tells you what to do. To be able to trust in the process and in your ability to adapt and survive, you should be able to soothe yourself and your anxieties or fears. 

“Amanda Eller had a disastrous 17 days isolated in a forest before coming back with a phenomenal survival story. After praying that she be rid of her fear on her second day, she survived the rest of the 15 days based on deep intuition. There’s a navigational system within you. If you stay present in the moment and let go of the future, you will see that this system is able to guide you.”

Secondly, you cannot avoid this crushing loneliness which you may feel - particularly if you’re living alone. But you can walk towards it. The hardest person to be with is yourself. As you live with yourself you will be faced with periods of anxiety, depression, blame, sadness etc. The only way to learn to enjoy your own company is to begin practising compassion. You need to recognise that you are a person who is currently suffering from life’s circumstances and needs kindness practiced upon them. But also, this is an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

It takes a certain amount of resolve and curiosity to learn about the human experience.

Everything which we usually use to pacify ourselves and keep ourselves occupied so we’re not faced with having to sit in our own company has been taken away. Don’t be in such a hurry to rush away from an experience which can transform your life. Avoid rushing to online parties and video calls as a way of keeping yourself occupied. Remember, sometimes it is the experiences which can teach you the most which you want to run away from.

The third tip is to avoid watching the news to such great extents that you’re essentially bringing the chaos straight into your home and comfort spaces. 

If you wanted to use this isolation period to work on creative projects but you are struggling, it may be due to the fact the news is disturbing your mindframe. It is causing you to worry excessively and jitter your mind in a way which you cannot calm down to focus on the tasks you’d like to embark on. If you’re traumatising yourself by watching extensive amounts of the news, you won’t be able to help yourself, nor will you be able to help others. Be a good steward of your senses, and choose wisely what your senses experience. 


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