Do Picnics Bring Nature back into our Lives?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Do you need a way for the family to rejuvenate? A way to strengthen bones, lighten the mood and have a mini holiday?

Picnics are coming back in trend!

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It's the summer holidays! What better time to spend the summer, enjoying food with family and friends? Experiment with a variety of picnic mats, drinks and cuisines.

There are multiple benefits of picnics; from some family time outdoors to the creation of new memories. In the digital world of tech and the internet, the tradition of spending time outside is becoming a forgotten one.

Picnics allow for outdoor learning which in itself has multiple benefits. It offers excitement and fun learning with a safety frame. Building bridges, chasing squirrels and taking part in games of rounders and squash allow for personal development. Problem-solving, team building and discovering one’s inner strength go hand in hand with picnics and interactions with one’s environment.

To interact with nature - whether that be by having a small meal outdoors to taking part in muddy races - it will all contribute to a social awareness which is otherwise difficult to attain. Often a sense of responsibility and a purpose in life are nurtured.

To partake in enjoyable outdoor activities does also reinforce many areas of the primary school curriculum. From discovering sundials to 3D shapes and various ecosystems, the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing are reinforced.

Aside from developing externally, there is also a great deal of intrinsic enjoyment and satisfaction to be experienced from participation in outdoor activities. With time away from the fast-paced nature of life and its many complex distractions, people often find a sense of serenity in the outdoors (even if you have had bird droppings fall on you or been chased by some busy bees). As a calming wave washes over the picnic field, you’ll discover a feeling of joy which can be difficult to experience otherwise. Whether you’re a student, parent or child, the outdoors does everyone wonders. Realising just how one is, relative to the world they live in, usually brings upon a sense of comfort. To understand that life isn’t going to end if a test is failed or your child is dropped off late to school occasionally aids in developing a positive attitude towards tasks, the people around you and yourself.

So, knowing all the benefits of having society interact with nature, do picnics aid in bringing nature back into our lives? So long as preparing a picnic doesn’t become a chore or a stress, I think you’ll find the beauty of these mini outings. Often the picnics I take part in are pretty relaxed. My family and I like to pick up some food, take our picnic mats and go straight from school to the park in the summer season. The idea of family time, good food (which is, by the way, extremely good for one’s well being) and a warm day out never did anyone any harm. You’ll discover something new every picnic, create memories which are to be forever treasured and realise things you would never have if you hadn’t gone on the picnic. It’s the smaller occasions and parties which generally become more special and remembered. If there’s an upcoming birthday or celebration to be had, try celebrate with a picnic!

Take advantage of the weather, the people around and the ability to try new things. Have a picnic. Remember, even picnics can be dressed up or dressed down. You can make them wild with portable BBQ’s and decorations, or simpler outings with just some picnic mats. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take food for the ducks too!

Remember the only real rule of a picnic is to tidy up before leaving,

Have the best summer!

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