Celebrate your Unique Talent Day

After finding out that today was a rather special day, I did the obvious thing and asked Google whether everyone is really unique. As a result, I had some questions thrown back at me. Take a look at your friends, or siblings, work colleagues or the people sat on the bus. Do they all look the same? Or do they look like you?

Biologically speaking, it is the DNA in each person which determines what they look like and many of their character traits. It’s the reason we all have different fingerprints. Psychologically, we all are different too. It’s unlikely you’ll ever find anyone with the same background, perspectives, natural talents, physical capabilities, personality and intellect exactly the same as yours. Even your siblings won’t be the same as you and you’ve all been raised in the same household - so imagine how different people will be in the big wide world!

If everyone is so different, why is it that people can be referred to, or seen as sheep? Often when one person does something, everyone follows. In class if one person speaks, suddenly you find the whole class is busy talking too. It’s because of the developed human instinct of wanting to fit in, to conform and hide.

Consequently, we end up like average clones of each other. In a society where it is becoming socially acceptable to tell people to change all the time, it’s important to remember there’s no right or wrong way to be. What is considered the norm now will be a mere old-fashioned trend in the future. Remember, we said that, biology has a large impact on our characteristics and personality. Some parts of us cannot be changed, rather, they should be embraced.

Now, let’s get to grips with the benefits of embracing our unique skills and talents. Being different is what leads to innovation and critical thinking. If Albert Einstein has conformed to the way his peers behaved and acted, his future and legacy could have been very different. Perhaps it is that he dared to think differently which enabled his success. Let this physicist and philosopher inspire you to feel free to live your life in the bets manner you can. In that pursuit, be authentic, true and real.

Personally, I know that my levels of empath are beyond that of most people. My ability to really get to know people, appreciate and value them seems to be becoming a rare occurrence in this Western world. With life keeping everyone so busy, people are reluctant to take time out for other people but it is so important to do so. Not only is it beneficial for other people, but you’ll feel so good just putting out some positivity in the world. Sometimes I fear that I’m that annoying, too-happy person. But then I remember that we have enough misery in the world so I should just keep being me.

You have one life, it’s important to make the most of it. Dress the way you want, climb the mountains you need, explore the desert - if that’s what you aspire to do and be bold (so long as you’re not harming anyone, you’re doing just fine). Oftentimes you’ll find that the more unique a person is, the more they’re almost remembered. For me, some of the most memorable people are the ones that have come out with ‘outrageous’ comments in class - but really everyone was thinking it! I continue to be inspired by the ones who have ignored the naysayers and gone and succeeded in achieving their goals and ambitions.

Continue being you, appreciate your self-worth and make sure to leave behind a legacy that you’re proud of.






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