What ARE we made of?

All Staff possess a full 'Enhanced' DBS

With the small grouped sessions, our tutors work at the student’s pace, give personalised attention, understand how they learn and explore the best way to explain difficult topics to them. They work through specific learning obstacles with students, and teach them useful study and exam techniques. 

Our mission is to educate not burden your child with too much work. We know that the journey from early years all the way through to university entrance can at times be challenging. We're here to help! 

We're proud to work with an exceptional team of tutors; driven individuals with a keen desire to bring out the best in their students.

Struggling students often are relieved to have an experienced tutor who has expert knowledge of a particular subject. Being able to discuss problems outside of the classroom environment is often a lot less daunting than doing so in front of peers. 

No matter how bright & gifted a student is, if they're not willing to put the work in or simply find it difficult to concentrate, their performance may be affected.  We use a range of revision structures & techniques that can all be provided by working with our tutor.