At Head of the Class, we know that not all young minds think alike, so our approach is different to typical tutoring. We inspire a new attitude to learning in a unique, stimulating & independent learning environment. Relying on schools to provide your child with the necessary education, is simply not enough.

As the curriculum became drastically tougher, students are under greater pressure. In addition to helping pupils overcome their difficulties, we also focus on developing good study techniques to maximise their performance long term. 

They'll receive tailored homework weekly, allowing them to reinforce the lessons' content. Our relaxed yet passionate approach to learning means that your child will achieve more than you imagined was possible.  

Why not meet the team and take a look at our testimonials, and have a read through our blog! 

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Our Fantastic Blog!

GCSE Revision Tips!

Revising effectively for your GCSE’s and potentially any tests taken in the further. 

                       - July 12th

Do's and Don'ts

From separating the place you study from the place you sleep & eat to ensuring you have the right mindset.
                       - June 17th

How do children learn to speak?

Do children aged five know more about grammar than all the books out there?

                   - August 10th


"It was great being tutored by someone who not only cared that I was learning, but also ensured that I made tremendous progress. I had been tutored previously but struggled to pass my GCSE English. Head of the Class made it possible, and after working with Abrar for 7 months, I was able to pass. I would definitely recommend joining their tuition to make sure you will manage to get good grades by the end of the year."

Mohammed Afifi, GCSE Student 2017

Now completing Engineering Apprenticeship


Beyond the Homework

Schools are limited with the time they have to review a child's understanding of a set topic. Ultimately the homework set can be unsuitable and not tailored to individual children. Our tutors give students a chance to review the areas in which they struggle in depth. Rather than burdening them with work, we set each pupil modified customised exercises. 

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Interesting & Interactive

Our students enjoy having a guide who can make the topics they're covering for homework less of a chore. Whilst traditional teaching methods are effective to an extent, we prefer working by the methods that are most suitable to each pupil. We promote an effective learning experience by empowering pupils to choose their desired area in the curriculum every session.


Our practice tests will help eliminate any confusion and lack of understanding pupils have. Our centres carry out assessments every 5/6 weeks. The more practise, the more relaxed & prepared they'll be for the real exams. We also offer career insight days & events to inspire them with realistic role models from similar socio-economic background.