Team Spirit

The willingness to cooperate with your team and succeed is crucial in achieving success. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, team spirit is a feeling of belonging together, by the members of a group, towards others in the group.

When people typically talk about team spirit, it’s often linked to team sports or working in jobs which require multiple different expertise. Let’s challenge that. Life is full of places needing some positive team spirit!

We’ve just finished the academic year (congratulations!), which meant the hand out of many awards and prizes. My school has 6 houses - each student is assigned to a house and competition between the houses is rife during the year. I do believe it is the amazing team spirit which my house had which led to us winning (the moral of the story is coming)! If we consider the performances which were done by each house, points were awarded and deducted for enthusiasm and originality. Had not everyone been involved, points would have been deducted. Here, the benefits of having a good team spirit is clearly evident.

Many aspects of life require a good team spirit. For some events, the benefits of a good morale are evident straight away. For other events, the benefits take longer to show. Regardless of the scenario, Unity, Positive reinforcement, Encouragement and Focus are characteristics always needed for team success.

Friendships, I do believe, require a form of team spirit. Particularly during and beyond secondary school. We’ve mentioned before the difficulties of the teenage years. To best succeed in these years, support from friends and family are vital. But it can be difficult, as a teenager, to be a friend, to another struggling teenager. And this is why I’ve highlighted team spirit. To always bare in mind your intentions and goals is a good way to go.

To work through the more difficult times together and reap the rewards together too afterwards. Know that if someone comes across as being ‘off’ it’s usually because they’re struggling. It’s not generally because they’re upset at you. Rather, they’re unsure of how to help themselves. So, try to always spare some of your energy to be friendly to people day to day. You don’t know how a small smile or few words can cheer people up! A little sprinkle of sunshine a day can do wonders. And that, is team spirit. Looking out for each other, particularly in school settings, is super appreciated by everyone.

Another point which links to the school setting is that of the school work itself. I heard a TedTalk once, and the way the lady spoke, as many TedTalk speakers do, was truly emotive and powerful. If I had remembered who she was, I would have shared it with you all. Having come from humble beginnings and now a successful businesswoman, she spoke about how she was never afraid of competition. She was waiting for an interview once and another lady came and sat in the same area, also waiting for the same interview. The first lady ended up sharing all the information she had, about the interview, with the second lady. Because, the only competition is yourself.

You have to create the path you want. That shouldn’t be done by blocking the path of other people. I believe this mindset should be maintained throughout all schools. Share the notes, share ideas and analysis. Don’t ‘copy’ each other but understand that as a team, everyone is more powerful.

Go out and meet lots of new people. Compliment strangers, thank the bus drivers and cashiers. Ask the canteen staff how they’ve been. Make the wider community a part of your team. Remember that everyone is just trying to do the best they can for themselves and their families. Let’s start working together more. Cohesion not conflict!

To conclude, always think about the bigger picture. Does the course of action lend you to being a helpful, kind team member? Celebrate people. Celebrate achievements and small milestones. And remember, it is selfish to not share kind thoughts.

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