Meet the Team

Meet our inspiring staff who work together to unlock your child's imagination and potential in achieving personal excellence! 

All tutors are interviewed, given basic training and vetted.

- International Commercial Law

- 5yrs experience in Tutoring

- Specialise in English, Humanities, Politics, Law & Media

Abrar Al-Habtari

 Managing Director 

- Business Management (BSc)

Middlesex University

- Marketing MSc Brunel University

- Specialise in Arabic 

- 4yrs experience 

Shaima F Mohamed

Marketing Communication Officer

Politics & International Relation BA 

Westminster University

Amani Al Naggar

 Administrator & 

 Head of Events 

Xhesika Koxha

 Senior Tutor 

- Law LLB, St Mary's University

- 3yrs experience in Tutoring

- Primary, Secondary, English GCSE, Media

- Psychology, Sociology, Biology

- 2yrs experience in Tutoring

- Training toward QTC

- Specialise in GCSE Maths and Science, Humanities

Maryam El Fertas

 Senior Tutor 

Aisha Rauf

 Senior Tutor 

- Biochemistry BSc, KCL

- Dentistry BDS , KCL 

- 2yrs experience in Tutoring

- 11+, Sciences

Amani Nur

 Senior Tutor 

- Business Management & Marketing, Westminster University

- HR & Employment Msc, Brunel

- 2yrs experience in Tutoring

- Primary , Business Studies & Arabic

Fatima J Abdullah

 Senior Tutor 

- Early Childhood Studies Bsc, Roehampton University

- 2yrs experience in Tutoring

- Primary & Arabic

Klea Cenuka

 Senior Tutor 

- Psychology & Sports Science,

St Mary's University

- 2yrs experience in Tutoring

- Primary, Secondary, Sport & Social Science

- Medicine (MBBS),

London School of Economics & Political Sciences

- 5yrs experience in Tutoring

- Statistics, Biology, Chemistry

 at both  GCSE & ALevel

Dr Sabrina Ramada

 Senior Tutor 

Reem Mahamoud

 Marketing Assistant 

- Engineering and Technology ​(Bsc) 

Birmingham University

- 2yrs Experience in Tutoring

- Specialise in Primary & 11+ 

Ilhan Yousef 

 Tutor &
Blog Editor

- English Literature (Bsc

Kingston University

- 3yrs Experience in Tutoring

- Specialise in Primary, 11+, GCSE English